An easy two weeks and back into credit

However, we have known gratitisen period – if we can not get an easy credit, without losing their money whole 14 days after they sign a contract with the credit institution. This grace period to come into force in implementing the European directive.

Texts and discuss the Law on payments to oblige banks to provide fraud credit or debit card, NTV said. Ministers are to consider a bill that would give two more weeks to the needy, to think about the conditions under which borrow money.
Warn the banking sector, that grace period will likely oskapi fees in preparation of the credit agreement. For debtors, however, these 14 days are welcome.
And innovation – fast loan will no longer be as quick as a close examination of applicants for a loan is absolutely necessary. Early repayment will do it without penalty amounts. In fixed-rate compensation will be within no more than 1% already when the repayment period is more than one year and will fall with the reduction of the period. Another provision, which is due to come into force, banks to recover the amount drained by credit or debit card. But the law will take care to protect the banks. Provision will happen after it is proved that the owners of the cards are not involved in the fraud.

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