Bank offers ticket striyptiyz against opening deposit

Irish Ulster Bank has decided to attract young people by offering first year at the University of Talat promotional deposit, which is still available at the opening of 100 euros. The offer is supported by ticket strip show at a local night club along with the deposit.
And while the students ran in crowds to be recorded in the original work promotion, they were not meant to be enjoyed naked beauty.
Blame, however, is not the bank, a mother of one of the students who, as you know where is going my dear little boy, gathered televisions and radios them to explain „how low the banks have fallen and how amorlno received.
The scandal was complete as at the moment, as we know, the British and Irish most of the world hate bankers and financiers.
Work is the way to blow up the Ministry of Finance and the Bank was forced to apologize and ends with a quick strip deposit, reported Irish Times.

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