Berlusconi 1 million requested by the newspaper „Republic“ for moral damage

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has asked the Italian newspaper „Republic“ to pay him compensation of 1 million euros for moral damage.

Berlusconi lodged a complaint in court against the Roman edition of August 24. In it he argues that his newspaper had caused moral damages, published by 4 months everyday issues his personality, and inviting him to meet them. The issues are the result of scandals about the Italian prime minister by early May so far.

In its complaint, filed in the Roman court, Berlusconi argues that the issues of the newspaper „Republic“ does not actually require a response, but hints that he inflicted moral damage. Moreover, Prime Minister blames Edition reprints of excerpts from an article from the French magazine „Nouvel Observatory. They implied penetration of the Russian mafia in higher Italian political circles in connection with a corruption investigation against the businessman who arranges the visit of women such as Patricia D’Adario, the adoption of Berlusconi.

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