EC: Bulgaria has the worst student

Bulgaria is far from the worst student in class and in Europe now knows what it must do to be even better student, told BTA Dennis Abbott, spokesman for regional policy in the European Commission.

Abbott said yesterday that the Commission has approved four reports of „compliance“ relationship with the seven operational programs, which Bulgaria must obtain from the European Union around 6.9 billion euros for 2007-2013
Bulgaria has the worst student, because other countries in the union has not been paid 32 report „compliance“ programs, and Bulgaria should know what to do, because the causes are not approved four reports are very clear, „he said . Of seven programs for Bulgaria at the time were dismissed reports of „compliance“ in four of them, one report is being analyzed, but two – Environment and Regional Development, the reports have not paid or not imported in processed form, the spokesman noted.
According to Dennis Abbott is now the most important thing is to work in Bulgaria computerized management information system and monitoring the implementation of operational programs, the way it should in every State of the Union. This does not mean that the management and operational control programs should be the same in all EU countries, but the goal of all such systems is to make sure that allocations under the operational programs funds are spent properly and effectively, that EU funds are used in the interests of citizens that are created by their employment and conditions for economic growth, he said. I am sure that in Bulgaria it will be achieved. If the problem is resolved with respect to one of the programs will significantly increase the chances of any other country you can be approved, he said.
Again indicated that he would not claim refund of advance money paid to date under the operational programs for Bulgaria, Dennis Abbott stated they could not risk losing our country to European money. In general spending programs became operational in three years after approval of the reports’ compliance with them.
In other words, Bulgaria has 16 months to the end of 2010, approval be achieved. After some problems, I do not think it would take so long, he said. Bulgaria only risk losing EU funds is initiated when funding for the operational programs after the approval of reports on „compliance“ at the European Commission to bad projects be presented with a request for payment.
These may be projects in which the conditions for declaring a public auction or in which the fraud was discovered. But this applies to all countries of the European Union, said Dennis Abbott.


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