GM Europe sold 471 823 cars for the second quarter

Sales of General Motors (GM) in Europe reached 471 823 vehicles in the second quarter of 2009 as the company’s market share amounted to 9.2%. Due to the severe economic crisis that has proved a serious impact on the automotive industry, GM sales in Europe fell by 20 percent, compared with a decrease of 18 percent for the industry. Sales of Opel / Vauxhall reach 347 330 vehicles in April-June 2009, while market share is estimated at 6.8 percent. Opel sales in Germany rose by 45 percent, making the quarter in the best mark from 2000 onwards. Opel Corsa headed in its segment sales in Germany in the second quarter. Total 115 526 Chevrolet vehicles are sold in Europe in the second quarter as market share of brand reaches record 2.3 percent. Chevrolet recorded impressive sales in Germany (43% growth), France (increase of 102%) and Turkey (120 percent growth). In the first half of 2009 GM sold 878 641 cars in Europe and controlled 9.1 percent of the market. In Germany, Opel sales rose 27% in, while those of the Chevrolet showed growth of 41%. As a result, GM recorded sales amounting to 210 828 cars in Germany, which is the best half of the group in the country since 2001. Opel / Vauxhall Insignia, chosen Car of the Year in Europe in 2009, continues to improve sales results with 86 350 cars sold in the first half. Insignia is the second most sold car in Europe in its segment. The Opel / Vauxhall Meriva also headed sales in its segment. GM Europe has sold a total of 166 824 vehicles in June. Opel recorded at its strongest in Germany in June of 1999 the company’s sales jump by 52 percent, and a market share estimated at 9.2 percent. Chevrolet reported record monthly sales in Germany in June that a 61 percent jump.

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