„Google“ train adult brain

Surfing the Internet helps to preserve mental abilities with age.
According to a new U.S. study only after several days spent online, memory and concentration of adult consumers who never before used a computer to improve noticeably.
Using search engines such as Google Inc. may slow or even stop elderly dementia, scientists say.
Old brains can learn new tricks, jokes, Dr. Gary Small, professor of psychiatry at the University of California, Los Angeles, and author of the project iBrain, which revealed „a remarkable evolution of the brain caused by modern technologies.
After a week spent in search for various topics on the Internet, researchers have recorded increased brain activity in older users – especially in that part of the brain responsible for logic and decision making.
Scientists say this is logical as online search is interactive, linked with a series of decisions.
With the aging of the brain occur in the order it structural and functional changes that may affect the thinking process.
Scientists say mental simulation can change how the brain encodes information.
Traditionally, the recommended activities for training of the brain are solving crossword puzzles, but as technology advances, scientists discovered the benefits of using a computer and internet.

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