Health Insurance Fund Reserve faces his patroness sought revision of the Medical Association

National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) will finish the money before the end of the year, although it is expected then to bring over 300 million leva from the additional 2% health insurance, which were introduced at the beginning of 2009, reported from health unions yesterday.
Cashier at the moment is not yet red and manages to razplashta with pharmacies for the so-called free medicines for home treatment in hospitals and doctors in dobolnichnata help, but at the end of the year will have to fork in her large reserve said Vice President of CITUB Dr. Ivan Kokalov referred to by the „Monitor“.
This means that will dramatically shrink the cost of medicines and payment of medical establishments, which will lead you to the shortage of medicines and supplies in clinics and even hand surcharge of patients.
It’s to unlock a 400 million euro, which for years have been under lock and key in the BNB. These funds are spent only in crisis situations such as war and emergency, or where the institution to which they belong, is facing bankruptcy, commented financiers. Million, however, may be spent only after resolution of the National Assembly.
Union of general health are unanimous that it is logical that much money to stay in storage after our health is constantly bypass.
After increasing the contribution of 6 to 8% expectation of greater revenue in the budget of the NHIF is not fulfilled, said Dr. Kokalov. In his words, in the new medicinal list, which came into force on June 1, there are too many new medical products, but no quite old, that people are accustomed and more searchable.
Burden on the budget a few hundred of these new positions, provided that we are in crisis, will probably need an update of the treasury in the last quarter of the year, says Vice President of CITUB. Should be considered purely institutional committee for itself in the positive list – who and how it appoints, because it still must be by what means to have cash, he added. More zastyagane a car is impossible because the hospitals have already accumulated debts of more than 370 million euro, was categorical Dr. Ivan Kokalov that besides vice president of CITUB is a member of the Governing Board of the National Health Insurance Fund as representing unions.
At this stage the fund is stable. Money that the National Revenue Agency (National Revenue Agency) collects, and funds from the budget through the Ministry of Health, are sufficient to meet the needs of hospitals and to cover the funds for payment of drugs and doctors, double head NHIF financial directorate in Women Nacheva. It is clear that there is no need to reach for the large reserve with the Central Bank, but acknowledged that there is a risk to the end of the year to cash strapped for money with free medicines.
Can only analyze the cost of new medicinal alert list to parliament and other institutions. To have an idea but what happens in the new list, you must pass at least two months, said Nacheva.
Director of NHIF Dr. Rumyana Todorova also explained that the budget of the fund is currently stable, but the big question there are medicines. A positive medicinal list (PLS) now have drugs that much more rich countries are not allowed. According to her, there is nothing wrong with that cash to pay for them, but the problem is that they were not complying with its budget.
Director of NHIF commented that the new leadership of the Ministry of Health must make a revision of the list as it complies with the financial capacity of the NHIF. In her words, it is necessary and urgent restructuring of hospital and outpatient care.

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