Huge growth expected from specialized tourism Orpheus Club Wellness AD

Gergana Mihaylova, Darik Finance
Double-digit growth in the market of specialized travel services will happen in Bulgaria over the next 3-4 years. After the collapse of a conventional hotel, the potential for environmental and recreation in our treatment will be rediscovered, and our ambition is to elaborate on it.

This hope of the Orpheus Club Wellness AD, which will try next week to raise 4 million leva capital market. The funds are needed to impose product „Wellness for All“, which is oriented towards the Bulgarians with average incomes.
And one shares to be recorded, IPO-it will be successful, say managers of the company, which will be from the eighteenth tourist industry of the BSE. There are alternatives to complete the financing for our investment program with its own resources, but rely on support from large strategic investors in Bulgaria, which have led to preliminary discussions.
Nasko Nachev, executive director of the Orpheus Club Wellness Inc..
What profits are generated principally from wellness products and services?
According to a study conducted in Germany, in 2007 the profits of wellness have reached 77 billion euros. Germany in this field expect that by the 2012-2015 year, these amounts will increase to somewhere around 420 billion.
Generally people so far from the tourist industry, dealing with wellness, was one of ten people. Mind in the future projections indicate that every third out of 10 people will deal with this segment – wellness and spa facilities. Countries in which this product is developed, provide double and triple increase in revenues from this business.
And what is our situation and what are the forecasts?
In our segment is developed. With the forecast can not be hired. For us the most important thing is that we can introduce this product „Wellness for All“ and to make it available to those people to whom you’re targeting. If we win, I’m sure we will find understanding and he will become a franchise product.
Yet at what revenue will count?
Especially for Wellness will study to reflect the market, but for the specialized services of experts are expected to increase by 50 times the revenue from specialized tourism by 2013. These are in addition to winter and summer holiday in the resorts, wellness niche tourism, congress tourism, religious, wine and so on.
Do you understand that your investment is not so much buildings and bases for the practice of wellness, as the program itself and animators who are conducting classes on wellness?
Yes, it is you have a package that is offered to the customer.
Do you ever worry that investors naplashiha from tourism and drew aside from him and this will reflect on you?
If you do statistics, you will see that currently sell over 700 hotels. But nowhere is not about selling a product, service, specialized business in this sector as a whole.
I understand that you expect players in IPO-it from abroad. And what were your hopes of booking COMMUNITIES investment in Bulgaria?
We held discussions with many people, including those who run pension funds and financial institutions. Their opinion is that the idea we want to support the costs for this specific product may also occur in Bulgaria.
Ognyan Delchev, CEO of Investment Fund Popular -95 AD.
The first IPO of the year, which may remain and only. Is it not madness to proceed to the terms of such crisis?
Our goal is to test the market. Know that the first ever win. We are aware of the crisis, but since when have a product that is ready and the public, and after we have shown over time that we correct for its shareholders and customers, I think the crisis would be less strongly negative factor . Of course, reporting 100 percent of its influence, and that when all investments are bent. Despite everything, however, believe that the time is appropriate.
There are 4 million on the market today?
Yes, there is, despite the crisis. Know that in developed economies around the world started to come out of the crisis.
How do you expect enrollments?
We have interest and inquiries from European and American investors. We realize that there will be overwritten, but as is said in the presentation, the plans, the company should, will positively influence its development, moreover, that there are alternatives to supplement its own resources sredstavata. This is something we all do, and imposed a global practice.
During a presentation in investors were told that provides boarding 21-25 million shares on the BSE. This is a fairly large free float?
These are long-term development plans of the company. If you look at companies in tourism, they are all old, listed from the time of mass privatization and not seen much interest from major shareholders to share their profits with the minority shareholders. Orpheus Club Wellness AD will be quite different as issuer, which is fair and honest to their shareholders.

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