Hungarian banks adopted a moral code

Hungarian government agreed with local banks to carry out so-called moral code, whose purpose is to protect the rights of consumers in a crisis forward AFP, quoting a statement made by Prime Pride Baynai. He emphasized that the Code will be voluntary and involuntary, such as implementation of the commitments will be controlled by the local financial regulator. He has the right to apply economic sanctions against violators. Against the background of financial crisis, which significantly reduced the rate naforinta, banks have begun to change the terms of contracts with foreign customers.
In the reverse process revalorisations (appreciation of the Hungarian currency – bel. line.) Changes not with the same speed, AFP notes. Now the banks have pledged to unilaterally change the contract for two months from August 1. Hungary suffered severely from the global financial crisis and many other countries navovaznikvashta market economy in Europe. In October the International vatulen Fund (IMF), World Bank and the European Union agreed to grant the country a large loan from a record 25.1 billion dollars, recalls Frans Press.

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