Japanese Prime Minister called on poor people should not marry

Prime Minister Taro Aso of Japan, often subjected to criticism because of his eccentric behavior, once again demonstrates the unusual approach to solving national problems.
This time, the politician does not advise poor people to marry and not to bear children, causing resentment in the turbulent society forward „Kiodo News.
„If you do not have money – it’s better not to marriage,“ the prime minister urges youth. In his words is extremely difficult for someone who is neither a penny to produce, respect, especially your partner.
Comment was aroused after a journalist’s question of „late marriage and low birth rates respectively in the country, the agency.
The opposition is not late and subject to scathing criticism Ace using his words for vipers comments. The leader of the largest party in Japan – the Democratic – Katsu Okada accused the prime minister to „a misunderstanding of reality.“ „Nobody perceives poverty as a lack of choice“, – said K. Okada.
With the score came and Social Criticism. According to Aso’s comments left are „totally insensitive and too ignorant in terms of human rights.

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