Judge, Galevi hit, caught with 24 000 leva bribe

District court judge in Kyustendil captured with bribery in especially large sizes, BTA said, referring to sources from the prosecution.

Judge Yuri Marinov a bribe of BGN 24 000 to decide case in favor of a construction company, concerning the revision of the Act of 1 100 000 leva. It comes to company Almateya Prima.
Supreme Magistrate was detained for 72 hours.
Chief of District Prosecutor’s Office in Kyustendil Peshev Kamen pointed to the „Focus“ that unless the judge is arrested and a border policeman who was at the request of the firm bribe. He also was arrested for 72 hours.
Employee has first worked at the National Security Service, and is now in the Border Police, but he was in removal proceedings at the Department of Internal Security Ministry of Interior, meanwhile, told reporters noted the Minister of Interior Tsvetan Tsvetanov. He added that it was difficult since Friday, when the signal is brought to collect all the 24 000 euro to be processed and used as evidence in establishing the bribe.
Part of the money found in the home of a judge, the other – in the firm’s policeman.
Afternoon still further proceedings in the apartment of the detained judges. At 16.30 hours Marinov was taken before the block with handcuffs, wearing a gray shirt. He was accompanied by the President of the Bar of Kyustendil – Emil Velinov lawyer.
Probably the case in which a bribe is requested by Yuri Marinov is older cases did the district judge said Miroslav Nachev.
He took office nearly two months ago and no memory in the allocation of cases has fallen to such.
„For me a good Marinov civil judge and I am pleased with his work so far. We have nothing else to say because my information is scarce, Nachev said.
In July, Judge Marinov has imposed a lien on the property over 4 million of outrageous Dupnitsa businessmen Plamen Galeva and Angel Hristov. Check whether the company, in which case the judge a bribe, was not associated with them, said „every day“.
Because magistrates accused of bribery, the actions are guided by the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office, led by Deputy City Prosecutor Roman Vasilev. Supervising prosecutor is Anton Stefanov.
Commission for Professional Ethics and Preventing Corruption at the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) to issue own-initiative today, soon emerged in the media that the judge is caught with a bribe in especially large sizes, announced by the Board. According to Tsoni Tsonev – Chairman of the Committee, tomorrow will be the information requested by the administrative head of the District Court of Kyustendil.
„If the facts are confirmed, the SJC will act with all their determination, and that is why we have adopted the Code of Ethics of the Bulgarian magistrate. It is high time the system go to the people who cast a shadow of doubt on the work of magistrates who daily work with integrity“ Tsonev added.

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