Manufacturers of printers may lose 13 billion U.S. dollars next year

More than 13 billion dollars could be lost for companies producing printers, the next one years. The main reason for this will be other companies that sell processed consumables, warned Gartner, quoted by TechNews.
In terms of economic crisis consumers save costs by using processed consumables for printing, instead of buying new from the manufacturers. Namely consumables manufacturers bear more revenue than the devices themselves.
There is another danger for suppliers in the sector. Since supplies are processed low quality, they can damage equipment and cause it to blow themselves brandove notes Gartner.
Three important steps must take the manufacturers of printers in its marketing – campaigns to start with training, marketing strategy to be aggressive, PR activity to be prudent.
Suppliers of processed supplies will continue to strengthen their position if the producers are competing with them only in terms of value. Marketing campaigns should pay more attention to training the end user to focus on aspects such as ecological products and the importance of certification of suppliers, advises Gartner.
Activities of producers must also be supported by aggressive marketing campaigns to show the problems with the quality of processed supplies.

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