Overwhelming optimism on the BSE today

Euphoric mood of investors is not allowed and thus fall today was another session in which shares are traded on the BSE mostly profit. Test negative sentiment from the morning showed that they have less effect on the optimistic attitude, which failed to achieve dominance in the team solely of blue chips.
Only the final day of the turnover swelled to 1.4 million, the number of transactions / 872 / reflect a little more marketing suite. Indexes ended mixed.
SOFIX dropped by 0.27 percent to 457.17 points. BG40 climbed 0.09 percent to 127.88 points. BGREIT added 0.56 percent to 43.37 punkta.BGTR30 grew by 0.18% to 342.08 points.
Defeat for the leading measure came after the stock fell from 5.51% to 37.60 leva on the position of Albena AD and the loss of 1.41% to 1.60 BGN per lot of the Central Cooperative Bank. Trade in the two positions was in volume respectively of 102 and 78 515 shares.
However, Chi appreciated with more than 2%, M + S Hydraulic AD, Orgachim Kaolin and failed to buffering the negative result of the index.
In today’s session is strongly identified with growth rates Agria Group Holding AD, which is 5.82% on a market valuation of their papers to about BGN 4 per lot, after 7 970 shares traded.
In the transferred securities 141 756 Real Estate Fund Bulgaria REIT added 5.26% to 0.34 BGN per share.
Be lifted and the shares of Bulgarian rose-Sevtopolis AD, which gave investors 16 740 securities with a growth of 3.28% to BGN 1.15 average plummet.
Formed a team of losers Premier Fund REIT, Billboard AD, Roads Holding SA. In 34 832 transferred securities, special purpose investment lost 12.62 percent of the market valuation of its securities to 0.90 leva per lot average. Outdoor advertising company fell 2.43% to 1.42 levs per lot about where players exchanged between 8 550 securities. Construction company did reduce its capitalization by 0.68% to 3.92 levs per lot for under 4 725 lots traded.
Share of the Day
Sopharma is the share of day trading in the trial because of her position In the 173 879 shares, transferred an average price of EUR 3.81 per lot has been achieved turnover of EUR 662 487.99 Total change in price for the day was negative by 0.39%, with highest price in the transactions was EUR 3.844 per share.

* No recommendation for making an investment decision!

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