Plovdiv parish with new allegations of abuse and corruption

Prosecutor’s Office – Plovdiv raised new charges against three officials of the Municipality of Plovdiv, who were arrested several months ago for demanding bribes, reported the press office of the prosecution.

Prosecution for abuse of office and corruption. The former manager of the consortium „Ecological Plant Mishovski Trifon, a former driver of the mayor and Sarkiz Moskofyan Vasilka Kostova – eksnachalnik Office of CRAS, were found guilty in February this year at the request of a bribe of BGN 5000 to file a plovdivchanin march to the municipal council. Then they were charged with extortion and fraud.
The penalty for this kind of crime is imprisonment of up to eight years. Supplemented by the prosecution that against Tryphon Mishovski was raised, and other charges. It is a physical mob victim Assen Ivanov.
If the allegations are proved in court Mishovski can get 20 years in prison and a fine of up to 3 thousand.

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