Plovdiv Sofia off the cost of garbage

14 BGN per ton, rather than as provided by 25 euro Plovdiv Municipality will request for the deposit of 100 thousand tons of Sofia near the garbage dump Tsalapitsa. Around this opinion joined by the municipal committee of advisers to the municipal council rubbish. „I do not think that the position of GERD in this case prevailed. We have not given up. Just found out that there is no legal basis to demand a price of 25 leva per ton. We had set such a price as it included not only baling, but the fees and other costs of disposal of garbage. „Explained the chairman of the municipal council Ilko Iliev. The difference of 11 euro will be requested from the state in the form of a grant, amounting to 1 million euro. The funds will be used to repair the road to the landfill near Tsalapitsa. Individual Plovdiv Municipality will push the state to finance major infrastructure projects totaling 32 million euro. „Did the government is prepared to give the city 25 million leva. However, we believe that we need much more. „Explained the municipal council of BSP Nikolai Radev. Among the most important sites that are waiting for state funding Boulevard North Maritza and Maritza South. Is needed for around 4 million and a half, the sum will be required this year. Municipal councilors will set up days and other projects. Among them will probably be Underpass „Modur-Tsarevets, the connection from the bridge of“ Adata „to street Brezovsko Shosse Boulevard extension but Vasil Aprilov to street Peshtersko road.

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