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Yane Yanev: Borisov kept failing to CSV
c. Land

Not a healthy attitude and iznervenostta of Boyko Borisov to CSV. It said the party leader Yane Yanev on BNR yesterday. The Prime Minister has never voted for us and we supported him to be prime minister, he explained. With nothing we have not offended to attack us, „said Yanev. I’d like to ask Mr. Borisov to stop talking about those 2.9 percent of the CSV in Sofia, because we began to suspect that GERD tendentious suppressed spectacular electoral falsification in the capital, he said. We do not accept exemplary tone Boyko Borisov, because his behavior was typical of the time of Todor Zhivkov, was categorical Yanev. We continue to support the policy of GERD, whose government we gave 6-month allowance, he recalled. Prime Minister do not want to offend us at retail, but to see the criminal schemes of DPS, said Yanev. I have not done anything to hurt the prestige of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, the leader is acquitted of CSV. Yanev implies that this week’s Supreme Cassation Prosecutor’s Office will take action on exported by the so-called „book of Krasyo.“ Yanev said that as chairman of the committee to combat corruption in parliament had a meeting with the Ethics Commission to the Supreme Judicial Council. He it is required to be submitted by electronic data book of Krassimir Georgiev and members of the previous National Assembly and members of the government. In his list of phone numbers is at least 10 senior representatives of NMS, including Deputy. Chairman of the National Assembly and ministers, leader of the CSV.

Sergey from Russia scolding budget
c. Standard

Ekspremierat Sergey Stanishev criticized sharply-2010 during his visit to Russia. BSP leader attended the forum party United Russia in St. Petersburg and saved his criticism for the new government, although during his term of office has repeatedly called for GERD does not ruin the image of Bulgaria in speeches abroad. According to Stanishev for the first time in the 2010 budget are set policies that take social rights. According to him the government’s anti-crisis measures for GERD burden citizens. Positive step as the sole authority of the new BSP leader considering the reduction of social security burden with two points.

Served on account of „Monterrey“ the mayor of Sheep fonts
c. Novinar

On Monday, will award a contract for services and bill the mayor of the capital district „Sheep font Plamen Yordanov, told Novinar E Sofia mayor Minko said. Yordanov will have to pay for the services of some of the traffic police patrol, which were used on Friday for a private party on the occasion of his 60-year anniversary in the notorious restaurant „Monterey.“ Under the procedure, if an individual requests assistance from the Police must pay the Ministry of Interior on a 7 per hour for each patrol. And if you want to close the street – by BGN 160 per hour. During the holiday parking in front of the restaurant to others, except the guests, was forbidden and the street – closed in both directions.
As soon as I arrived there and saw what was happening, security and abolishing the ban on parking. For me, what happened was profoundly wrong, explained said. He expressed his disappointment that as mayor of Sofia has achieved so much at the end of his term happened this story. According to Gerdjikov order schedules it is not written that security is a birthday, but it is an event of municipal area „Sheep font.
Birthday on Friday said it has requested by letter to the municipality to provide its parking lots, because the event will be massive. The party had invited all the mayors of the municipalities in Sofia, municipal councilors and MPs. I think that is normal when a mayor celebrates 60 years before the establishment to provide parking spaces. For me this is normal, then Jordanov said.
I will propose that the new mayor of the capital Yordanka Fandakova to forget this kind of celebrations in time, explained said. When asked about the idea of Gerdzhikov Fandakova told Novinar that working time is for work, not for parties. Will keep the people working to comply with work time, the mayor said. In her words could not celebrate in time to be banned at all. I can not do that to people, to which I have no direct relation, but as regards my team will keep to comply with working time, add Fandakova.

Tomatoes and cucumbers Increase
c. Standard – p. 10

Summary of the article
Wholesale prices of basic food commodities have continued to increase last week, announced by the State Commission on Commodity Exchanges and Wholesale Markets (CEWMSC). Tomatoes rose by 13.4 percent for the week – to 1.27 leva per kilogram. The price of greenhouse cucumbers has risen by 11.9 per cent and they traded an average of 1,79 lv per kilo wholesale. Potatoes fell by 2 cents and sold an average of 0.53 leva / kg. Green peppers, rose 4 percent and were sold at the markets last week an average of EUR 1.04 per kilo wholesale. The price of red peppers rose by 23 per cent – to 1,50 EUR per kilogram. Green slipped by 3 cents and pounds to buy an average of 0,30 BGN frozen chickens are sold on average 3.33 BGN / kg, sugar traded at 1.41 leva / kg for wholesale. Flour type 500 „, maintaining its price of 69 cents per kilogram, according to the CEWMSC. Eggs are sold wholesale to 0.18 leva per piece. The price of oil wholesalers increased by 2 cents to 1.72 euro per liter. Kashkavalat Vitosha be sold at 8.56 leva / kg and the price of cow’s milk cheeses decreased by 1.1 percent to EUR 3.64 per kilogram.
The price of apples is moving within 0,81-0,83 EUR per kilo wholesale and grapes rose by 8.4 per cent to 1.42 leva per kilogram. Oranges fell by 11 per cent to 1.45 leva per kilogram.

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