Spanish women with tears in his eyes sell locks

Compressed for money Spanish women pluck their hair because of the crisis – sometimes literally, reported AFP.
Faced with the country’s recession and rising unemployment, many women sell their locks to pay the bills. Delgado Hustino as traders who export natural hair for wigs and hair extension, are extremely happy. In recent years, much of hair on the market is imported from Asia, mainly India and China.
Lately the trend has capsized and more women go to Madrid alone his shop. This is particularly advantageous for Delgado because „European hair are fine and are much sought after and sold as more Asian,“ which are thicker. Currently, the trader has about 90 tons blond, red and auburn hair in its warehouse, and intends to export 80 percent of them. Fashion for hair extension, popular among young women is also good for his business.
The only painting is done with special corporate machines specially adapted by the engineer. This helps meet demand for rare types of hair. In Germany, for example, seek light brown hair, which does not occur so often in Spain.

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