Stanishev: GERB and the government continue to behave as election headquarters

GERB and the government continue to behave as a campaign office, not as direction of the country, said the parliamentary rostrum BSP leader Sergey Stanishev in a statement on behalf of the Left.

Coalition calls for Bulgaria’s Cabinet to develop and adopt a management program in Bulgaria, Stanishev said, as quoted by BTA. He added that in 2010 in the economic field will be worse than in 2009 and Bulgaria will continue to impoverish.
Why balanced budget has become a priority in a crisis – most budget systems breathless from restrictions imposed on them, said Stanishev.
According to him, BDZ is to decay, the resources of municipalities will be reduced, and maintenance of social systems such as children’s homes, he said. Bulgaria will reach the level of economic development since 2008, not earlier than 2012, ie at the end of the administration of this government, and similar rates of recovery does not satisfy us, he said.
GERB won the election with a clear message – to stop the economic crisis and improve the living standard of Bulgarians, he added. Coalition for Bulgaria, while in opposition, shares this commitment and we stand ready to support all efforts by the government for its implementation, said Stanishev.
No one doubts that 2009 was not just worse than last year, but significantly worse – GDP is expected to decline by more than 6 per cent, ie around 4 billion euro, unemployment from 6 percent to become 10 per cent and foreign direct investment to decrease by approximately 2-fold, the BSP leader said. He noted that for the first time in August, statistics are taken into account the sharp decrease of income of the Bulgarians. Estimates of government provides 2 percent contraction of the economy, while other countries are already planning a gradual exit from the crisis, said Stanishev.
Who will bear the increasing burden on the crisis – is a natural right to honest government that people have, he said.
Still naive explanation that the causes of the crisis situation in the previous government, while the report on the sustainability of public finances in the European Commission on 14 October announced that Bulgaria is among the five economies most exposed to lower risk in Europe because there is strong Public Finance, said the leader of the BSP.
He turned to the Prime Minister in connection with transactions with corvettes and in terms of Belene NPP.
Mr. Prime Minister, the tender for the corvettes was held by your government in 2004, my Government over four years of French attacks weaning to start the transaction, he said. I have not signed any contracts for any purchase of French corvettes and I did not assume financial commitments in that sense, Stanishev added. He pointed out that frantsuzite not just been invited to participate in the project at Belene, a part of it as the system for managing telecommunications market must be made by the French company Areva.
Why Belene is interesting for Germany, Russia, France, even in Macedonia, but it is interesting for the Bulgarian government asked Stanishev.
I remind you that the interest of Dalkia and Gaz de France „to“ Heat-Sofia „is not the product of your visit in France and dates back years, but your unwillingness / as mayor of the capital – b.r. / Yes start the privatization does not allow such participation, turned to Prime Minister Stanishev Borisov. Brave crisis, ensure economic growth, reduce unemployment and provide growth of living standards of Bulgarians instead of continuing to „fight“ with the defeated government, Stanishev called on the ruling.

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