The architect of Pomorie spend money in casinos usurious business

Arrested yesterday architect Svetozar Rashkov Pomorie Municipality is connected with usurious business. This was announced by the Director of the Ministry of Interior sh – Burgas Milen Dimitrov.
Rashkov was involved with a group of businessman usurious Luben Duzhubrilov. Dzhubrilov is president of Bulgarian Federation of Free martial arts and was declared wanted by police in February when he was defeated usurious group. The architect of Pomorie has been a major user of the money collected from them and usury spends gaming halls and casinos, it has become clear today.
Rashkov had joint business with the company of his sister Mariana España, which owned an architectural office. Also participated in a joint company with an employee of the municipality of Pomorie, which in turn is responsible for EU funds and EU projects. Architect Svetozar Rashkov approve these projects and it is stamped with the seal of the Mayor Peter Zlatanov.
During the campaign yesterday Zlatanov has provided to police its stamp. According to the police intentions second seal in the office of Rashkov most likely a forgery, but this will be demonstrated by examination. This afternoon, ending the 24-hour police custody. Prosecutors may seek custody of 72 hours.

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