The freezing of salaries and pensions is an error

Ruling majority does not offer real policy and not anti-crisis program. The freezing of salaries and pensions is a mistake. This spokesman told a press conference of the BSP Cornelia Ninova after the party’s Executive Bureau, Focus Information Agency reported.
From 1 January for removal of excise duties will increase in price and people will feel the real impacts of the crisis on himself, said Ninova. Governors offer no program for creating new jobs, on the contrary every day we witness the reduction of people, added the spokesman of the BSP.
In the words of Ninova – parliament does not work – a second month is paid and received no law than „lobbying law notaries Ms Fidosova, which was involved in a scandal.“
On the occasion of the closure of BEH, BSP spokesman said that the plan to the Energy of GERB, which will be crushed and parts of these companies to put privatization on the stock exchange is completely wrong. „Our argument that the Government of GERD will privatize energy for yellow cents beginning to happen,“ said Ninova.

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