The leader of the Labor Code „Support“ is convinced that the measures envisaged by the Emblem are naive

According to the leader of the Labor Code „Support“ Konstantin Trenchev, reducing the social security burden in no way guarantees that the business will direct these savings money to new capacity in enterprises and retaining jobs.

In the show „Sunday 150“, Trenchev commented that the intention of the Emblem to reduce benefits by 5 percent to happen under certain conditions, otherwise the business will invest in another sredstirat.

Employers in turn reported that the benefits are high. They fear that in time may be debalansirat budget revenues and to destroy.

Bozhidar Danev of BIA proposed for a period of two years to reduce payments to the universal pension funds or so-called second pension contributions.

And trade unions and employers alarm that in November the country will lose 1 one billion euros, if not sell the rights to exhaust emissions.

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