Two of the managers Deutsche Bank have retired

Two of the managers in the biggest German bank Deutsche Bank have retired because of an internal investigation for espionage, forward AFP, referring to a financial source, said BGNES.
Responsible for security and the head of department for relations in the investment banking institution left the company.
„Deutsche Bank declined to comment on the situation as reported that await results of an internal investigation launched in May by an independent company. Bank spokesman confirmed that the authorities in Frankfurt, where the headquarters of the bank, examined information provided by the authorities concerned with the protection of personal data in Darmstadt. They have requested more information from Deutsche Bank on two occasions and are part of the transmitted data to the judicial authorities. According to German edition both cases are related to espionage against a member of the board of directors of the bank Hermann-Josef Lambert and shareholder Michael Bondorf. Accusers need two or three weeks before they decide whether to launch a formal investigation.
According to Wall Street Dzharnal were after contact Bondorf and bankrupt media magnate and a major borrower of the bank Leo Kirh. In 2002 Kirh brought against Deutsche Bank for the announcement of its leaders, that its financial condition is nespasyaemo.
At the beginning of July „scupper“ wrote that „Deutsche Bank even use“ women as bait „to establish“ personal shortcomings of some shareholders.

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