We expect access to the interim payments by the EU in autumn

Early in September or October will can have access to interim payments that are an essential part of EU funding, announced by the European Commission.

Meanwhile, spokesman of the Commission officially confirmed information BNR 20 days before it will be a new report prepared for the management of the accession vrofondovete here.

Bulgarian authorities have already started to deposit in the European Commission according to new estimates that in the middle of last year were returned for rewrites and without whose approval from Brussels can start the actual payments in the seven operational programs.

Spokesman of the European Commission responsible for regional policy Dennis Abat said yesterday that the documents have been imported under the „Transport and Technical Assistance. Today is expected to be received for three operational programs – „Competition“, „Administrative Capacity“ and „Human Resources“ and the following days in the last two – „Environment and Regional Development.

At the end of July of the Directorate for Regional Policy will send in our own auditors to verify that the information system management and monitoring of payments according to ISU rules work.

It was one of the reasons why estimates of compliance to be rejected. Another was lack of confidence in the independence and administrative capacity of our audit authorities. Now, initial assessments of the Committee is that this line has already improved.

According to Dennis Abat, if it is determined that everything was fine, the European Commission will give its approval in the operational programs in September or October. Immediately after the interim payments that are more than 80 percent of the planned amount for our country, we can begin.

Meanwhile, came confirmation that the European Commission for the second consecutive year will write a report on the management of EU funds. This time in response to the request of the Committee on Budgetary Control in the European Parliament and not only for Bulgaria and Romania. Not yet clear when it will be presented these documents, said Spokesman Mark Gray of the Committee, but added that it would not be together with reports on the monitoring mechanism, which is expected to come at the end of July or beginning of September.


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