With half a year will probably extend the construction of Danube Bridge 2

With seven months is expected to extend the period of construction of Danube Bridge 2 at Vidin-Calafat, teach the „Monitor“. Period, which is fixed at the time was in April 2010, but most likely will ask Bulgaria to extend the deadline.
According to experts, the change is due to the very complex geological conditions and delayed by almost one years of obtaining permits builders of the Romanian side to provide access to the Spanish FCC Construccion the Romanian coast.
So far, the Romanian side the builders have built and experienced pilots have completed their tests. Expected in the coming days and the results of the tests. The Romanian side had a contract to permit access to its bank in June 2008, and they gave them to almost a year late – in May 15, 2009
To be extended by about 7 months duration of the contract, it is necessary to sign an additional agreement to it. European Commission, through its representatives on the last monitoring conducted in June in the resort St. Constantine and Helena „was informed by the FCC Construccion and Bulgarian representatives to the events of the site and the need for extension. You’ll need to prepare the necessary documents and annexes to the contract, which present the Bulgarian side was not done. Annexes are an integral part of the contract to engineer and kontraktyora FCC Construccion.
Experts commented that the extension of the deadline is unlikely to last. At present the most likely date for completion of the bridge is expected mid-2011. But this is according to the most optimistic forecasts, however, are definite Realist – Danube Bridge 2 will be done most likely in October-November 2011.
The problem with nerazplatenite amounts of builders and engineering supervision at the time is not clean. Expected to FCC Construccion be paid by the Ministry of Transport about 20 million of committed and invoiced works. About 3 million currently delayed and unpaid amounts of supervisors – the engineering supervision of the Franco-British consortium Ingerop – High-Point Rendel.
Sources of comment on the issue that is expected change in the amount of the engineer under contract to the completion of the site. Contract amount is about 6 million, and emerged with the new change it to reach 9 million.
No later than the end of September, the site engineers will have to finally approve the whole project and for him to pay the last installment of about 300 000 euros for the last check of the draft Spanish. FCC Construccion designer of the bridge facility is Carlos Fernando Kasado.

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