50 million grant to find alternatives to animal testing

On 30 July the European Commission appealed to alternatives to animal tests for the purposes of the cosmetics industry. For this purpose, allocated 25 million euros. A month later the European cosmetics association representing the interests of the companies in the industry, responded to this call and the means to develop alternative tests swell to 50 million.
This is the first of its kind collaboration between industry and the European Commission noted the EU’s Science in the EU and vice Jan Potočnik and Commissioner for Industry Gunter Verheugen. „We can not only protect animals but also to test new products will be safer for consumers,“ says another in their joint statement. The new tests will be faster and cheaper.
For this reason it is set up and program will be financed under the projects aimed at developing such devices, simulating the operation of bodies or integrated analysis and other scientific activities. Projects should not only bring positives for the cosmetics industry, but also for chemical and pharmaceutical companies in Europe. Moreover, will receive funding only projects that do not use tests with live animals.
Work of scientists will be funded at 100%.

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