Faintheartedly IMF forecast for the recovery of the eurozone

After bravely yesterday to defer payment of the poorest countries with interest three years from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecast today with many reservations that the euro will take into account the „moderate recovery of the economy in the first quarter of 2010, but with greater uncertainty „and not preclude the possibility of“ low risk of deflation for the 16 countries using the single European currency, France press forward.
Despite the hope for the revival of the economy continues to predict the IMF in its annual report on the euro that it will be in recession next year with a fall of 0.3 percent of GDP, which is still much less than expected 4.8% this year.
These data are slightly more pessimistic forecasts from the European Commission in its latest economic forecasts published in May, it provides a fall of 4 percent this year and 0.1 percent next year. „Eurozone recession is a sign of improvement to be transformed into recovery,“ explains Fund. According to the IMF „contraction of activity should be delayed until the end of 2009 and allow a modest recovery that will begin in the first half of 2010“


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