Forget gold and silver and invest in a garlic

If you want this year to make money in China, how to buy and sell garlic.
The Chinese have always had a preference for this growing chapters of the vegetable from which you usmardyava breath. However, its price has risen incredibly in comparison with that rise bustle of the real estate market appears static.
This year’s garlic is a better investment than gold or silver. But why?
Garlic is definitely just nosy, neromantichen, small vegetable and nobody eats in great quantity, unless you want to lose all their priyateli.Taka that, why Tszinsyan traders in the province, which is the main area where garlic is grown in China will zamirishat really a lot of money this year?

One reason is the belief that it may prevent you from swine flu.
In North China chewing of garlic as a defense against influenza and other diseases is an old practice and has alleged that retailers encourage people to believe that it is an effective weapon against the epidemic virus A (H1N1).
The newspaper China Daily reported last week that school in the eastern Chinese city Hanchzhou bought 200 kilograms of garlic and makes poor students to eat lunch every day for the sake of their health.
But much more delicious honeysuckle plant is renowned as having the same protective qualities, and its price was not increased, unlike the price of garlic in wholesale.
According to the ministry of trade average price per kilo of garlic has increased from 1.60 yuan in March to 6.14 yuan now. In some markets the price jumped 15 or even 40 times, says the analyst of Morgan Stanley, Jerry Lou.
„You need a warehouse, a lot of money in cash and several trucks,“ said Lou to the Washington Post. Your job is limited to try to accumulate as many goods and then upload the price. By moving from a garlic warehouse to another, making millions of dollars, „he said.
In China, garlic is big business.
The country produces on him three times more than all other countries in the world put together. Much is exported. When wholesale prices are inflated, some people make a lot of money, while others could be burned if the price drops suddenly.
This story reminds of the big bubble of Dutch tulips in 1637, when it came to bankruptcy because of the delusion that the price of tulip bulbs will continue to grow forever.
When a recession last year broke, Chinese farmers have planted less garlic, led by the anticipation that sales will decline.
According to the special website for garlic total arable area of garlic cultivation fell from 673 670 hectares. (1.7 million acres) in 2007 to 370 519 hectares. (0.9 million acres) in 2008
At the same time banks drew cash economy, which allowed speculators to buy the harvest of garlic before it is ripe, store it and wait for prices to increase.
The Chinese are not the only people who believe in the power of garlic.
European folklore ascribes its various medicinal properties, including not least the power to repel vampires, well described in the novel by Bram Stoker’s Dracula.
Garlic does have the power to kill bacteria, but not strong enough to make a man invulnerable to swine flu.
As to whether it makes vampires to scream and run, you should ask Stephenie Meyer – author of the bestselling „Twilight“.

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Andy Smith, the newspaper Independent

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