Introduce supplementary health insurance

No extra health insurance may not have real change. Whether this provision should be voluntary or optional, however, must be solved further.

It said in Ravda Health Minister Bozidar Nanev, where he was a guest of the extraordinary council of the Bulgarian Medical Union.
Minister of Health commented on changes in the system on the occasion asked him a question about the bill on health care. Voluntary health insurance is not effective and must be further such Nanev said. Of voluntary insurance, which has existed since 2000, funds not included in the budget because no one benefits from the service, is the Minister Nanev. According to him, must be brought in additional insurance or need additional compulsory insurance is a voluntary third part of the social security system. Nanev predicted that health insurance model may be changed at the beginning of 2011. It is impossible to happen by next year because the budget deficit. But in any case, no additional health insurance will not be able to get real change, said Nanev. According to him, still needs to clear some shortcomings in the bill for health and then to come to the plenary for voting.
Stimulation of voluntary health insurance through co-payments and through the participation of doctors and economists on pricing in health care is part of the proposals which doctors will provide the Ministry of Finance. Nanev said that Bulgarians pay too little money for health care. Contributions are 10-15 times lower than those in Western Europe. At the same time we want good service, good base, but without the necessary means you can not make, he added.

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