Touch the troubled life insurance

Financial crisis and uncertainty forced many to chop the money they paid for life insurance, „said Georgi Bakalov, Chairman of the policyholders of Bourgas.
At a time when banks began to refuse massive loans, some people decided they were solved. Those who are in urgent need of money, early terminate their insurance policies to life and so to lose 60% of the amount paid, BGNES. „I keep receiving complaints from across the country from“ disadvantaged „. But many are comparing life insurance with a savings account. At least that was explained by their broker, „said Georgi Bakalov. At the same time the contracts are marked perfect moments and conditions for early withdrawal of the amount of the policy. For these paradoxes and uncomfortable moments Bakalov blames not only financially illiterate clients, but some brokers that just to get their commissions, saving part of the truth.

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