10 million would cost the revival of the logistics park Gorna Oryahovitsa

Nearly 10 million euros would cost the rehabilitation and expansion of trade and logistics complex Gorna Oryahovitsa. The project will start early next year and includes construction of new warehouses, offices and manufacturing facilities in addition to the major reconstruction and modernization of the current over 22 000 квадратни метра warehouse, administrative and commercial areas.
The project will be implemented in three stages and construction is expected to close by the end of 2014
Currently rents for warehouse space from 2 euro / square meters, and the open space – from 0.75 euros / square meters, which gives a serious competitive advantage over other similar complex projects in the country, especially in this time in which many companies seek optimization and reduction of operational costs. The investor then provides complete rental levels to remain competitive and optimized for business needs.
The new building will also include specialized areas such as cold storage warehouses and industrial premises clean and high-tech industries, and sites suitable for development of clean and high tech industries. The project envisages the construction of new office buildings and oblsuzhvashti, a center for sales of building materials and household goods, as well as a regional commercial center for wholesale and retail of FMCG.
Strategically located near the geographical center of Bulgaria on an area of over 70 000 sq.m. Eastern Industrial Zone of Gorna Oryahovitsa, about 3 km from the international airport and the city has its own railway sidings.
In this way, customers have the option of the complex to combine road, rail and air transportation in one place. The main river and sea ports in the country are 100 to a maximum of 200 km. of the complex, which makes it unique for the size of Bulgaria to the possibilities of combining virtually all modes of transport.
Besides warehouses with nearly 20 000 sq.m. net usable area, the complex boasts a high storage sites with a total area of over 12 000 square meters, with very good access both by road and by rail, which is an additional convenience for clients operating with large and heavy materials and commodities such as container, building materials, metals and metal structures.

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