„Belene“ deserves another chance

Options that we have from financial advisers and stakeholders on the project for Belene NPP show that there are 4 billion base price of the contract for construction of the reactors.

That said Traicho Traykov, Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism, with a new TV, as quoted by Focus. Project should be given a chance to happen, but why not be involved Bulgarian taxpayer, said Minister in response to a question the government wants or does not want. „Belene“.
The project has about 2 billion possible escalation of the price depending on the statistical indices for inflation for different countries. 1.3 billion cost of the owner, which includes expenditure on infrastructure in place to build the network and connection to the electricity system and the remuneration of architects and engineers. To this there are about 2 billion cost of financing during construction.
„Until we have complete and operational headquarters must have removed 9 or 10 billion,“ he said. Those figures are from him by the financial analysis undertaken by consultants on the project. He said that infrastructure costs can not be excluded because it is done because the project itself. If the project does not consist, penalties are about 800 million.
According to the minister alone has power plant in Bulgaria is good. The question comes down to funding, which is associated with the risk that we will get money back. We must therefore determine how much money the state wants to give and how much risk to let private investors. Traykov believes that domestic consumption is not necessary to have a second nuclear power plant.

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