Bill Gates will fight hunger

The Microsoft founder Bill Gates, will move its focus on agriculture multimiliardeska company, saying that greater productivity of poor farmers would have „massive impact“ on hunger, said Thursday Financial Times. „Assistance to the poorest farmers to grow more crops and the removal of the market is its most potent weapons to reduce global hunger,“ said Gates, as announced 120 million dollars aid for agricultural research and development. Actions aimed at providing food, the foundation of Bill and Melinda Gates are of global importance as the number of chronically hungry people hit 1 billion. „World attention is once again on your problem,“ Gates turned to the audience of agriculturalists, and activists at a symposium in De Moyn, Iowa, during his first more significant address to the agricultural sector. „The food crisis topic of hunger away a higher place in the global agenda. Observed activation of people and resources from different organizations in Ngo G-8 to African heads of state. „D-8 initiative approved this summer by Akuila food security, dedicating $ 20 billion of agricultural development over the next three years, moving the focus its food aid to investment in agriculture. Roy Steiner, who oversee the agricultural projects of the organization, told Financial Times, will the current political climate is „a decisive moment for world food security. In consultancy Journal last month, dedicated to world hunger and food security, the U.S. State Department warned that the crisis in food prices since 2008 illustrates the problems in the future will meet more frequently. This crisis has made us witnesses of record increases in the prices of basic products such as flour and rice, led to food riots in countries from Haiti to Senegal. According to Bill Gates’ efforts to assist small farmers have been threatened by ideological conflict between supporters of the technological approach, increasing productivity (eg the use of genetically modified organisms), and those of the natural approach that offers resistance. „This is the wrong choice,“ he said, „we really need and the productivity and sustainability.“ However, it offers technology to be the key, claiming that draws inspiration from the green revolution in the 60’s of last century and criticizing those who try to limit the spread of biotechnology, not realize how many people could be saved from hunger and poverty through it.

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