Britain announced a partial embargo on arms deliveries to Israel

Britain told the Israeli government that imposes an embargo on arms deliveries to Israel Navy. Under pressure from parliament and human rights organizations British government suspended the supply of weapons to the Israeli ship involved in an offensive in Gaza in January this year.

As the Journal says „Aarets“ Britain believes that the use of its military systems in the battles against Hamas is a violation of contracts between two parties that determine in what cases can be used British arms.

The embargo was introduced after a quarterly inspection of the entire British military exports to Israel.

In the telegram sent to the Israeli Foreign Ministry, says that when the checks are reviewed 182 contract for the supply of weapons to Israel, 35 of them for naval forces. Five licenses were canceled.

Ninth channel on Israeli television said that the embargo by the United Kingdom in practice will not affect the combat readiness of the Navy of Israel, because the volume of British supplies not great, but these measures may lead to negative results at the international level and to provoke similar action by other countries.


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