Bulgaria with highest wage growth

Hourly wage of workers in the European Union grew by 3,7 per cent on an annual basis in the second quarter, the largest increase is in Bulgaria and Romania – with 15.5 percent and 11.7 percent, according Eurostat data, appearing in the website of the European Statistical Office.

Remuneration in the eurozone has jumped 4 percent in the second quarter despite tightening labor market. In the previous quarter wages in the EU-27 grew by 1.3 percent, while the euro – by 3,6 percent.

In the eurozone hour charge in the second quarter increased by an annual rate of 5.3 percent in industry, with 4,5 per cent in construction and 3.2 per cent in the services sector.

In the 27-nation EU has increased by 5,1 per cent in industry, with 4.1 percent in construction and 2.9 percent in the services sector. Among the 27 member countries only Latvia and Estonia reported a decrease in index by -6.2 percent and -0.6 percent.

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