Communicate our real fault in this case „Shields?

If Bulgaria has requested the United Kingdom may retain and send in Sofia, the man who made a confession that he, not Michael Shields, sits behind the attack on Bulgarian barman Martin Georgiev, said in an interview with bTV British MP Louise Elman.

According to her, to pardon Shields was expected after the Bulgarian authorities have not sent a summons to the confession of the offender Graham St duly.
Louis Elman for the last month has been particularly interesting. In the British Parliament lawmaker Rivarsaydskiya in Liverpool area became known as the man who keeps his colleagues over the case of Michael Shields. In her words, in recent weeks, her day began with a telephone conversation with Minister of Justice.
„Many new evidence were presented to the Minister of Justice, including testimony of a new witness who was an eyewitness to the fact that Michael Shields did not have attended the brutal attack on Martin Georgiev. There is one witness who is an employee of hotel where Graham St and Shields were staying. Namely, this is key – the confessions of St., Louis Elman said.
Graham St is one of the supporters of the National Team in Liverpool. Shortly after the arrest of Shields, through a lawyer, he admits that Martin Georgiev was attacked. Bulgarian authorities claim to have urged him in this country. Elman, however, believes differently.
„The Bulgarian authorities have sent a request to send Graham St in Bulgaria. But they did not have as of a procedural standpoint. And the summons never came through to Graham St British interior ministry,“ explained MP.
„If the Bulgarian authorities now seek the extradition of Graham St, on the basis of all available information, I think I have much better chances to obtain it,“ she notes.
In her words, precisely the fact that the Bulgarian authorities have not questioned Graham St., was heavy in the decision of Justice Minister Jack Straw to become the first Michael Shields pardoned Briton who has been convicted abroad.

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