Contracts for EUR 3 billion out by the operational programs

So far, contracts have been concluded for more than EUR 3 billion in operational programs, but payments are at an early stage. Razplatenite were 71 million leva, which is just over 0.9 percent, said Director of Management of EU funds in the Ministry of Finance Boryana Pencheva.
If the systems are working steadily, funds will be razplateni normal Pencheva explained. She added that it will again ask for interim payments from Brussels. According to her in 2010 may lose EU funds for the n +3 rule under it, which the EU is committed to provide Bulgaria for 2007 must be spent by the end of 2010 could lose 491 million . EUR.

Under the regulations of our country are translated advance funds for the implementation of operational programs in the amount of EUR 630 million for the three years from 2007 until now. This money should be returned if the end of the year we receive a positive assessment by the European Commission for the management and control systems.
National Strategic Reference Framework sets out the basic objectives of development policy and priorities to be financed with funds from the EU Structural instruments for 2007-2013
The main objective of the strategic investments financed by the EU to support the investment necessary for economic development. The aim in the development of Bulgaria by 2015 to become a competitive country with a high quality of life, income and social sensitivity, Pencheva explained.
Long-term vision for Bulgaria for the programming period 2007-2013, sets two goals – strengthening of economic competitiveness and sustainable growth and development of human capital, Pencheva said.

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