DANS started bogus broker Julian Tzolov

Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office ordered the State Agency National Security (DANS) to collect data on the activities of Julian Tzolov in Bulgaria as well as full information about property and assets owned by Tzolov and related subjects.

The intention is to verify that Julian Tzolov pral is money in the country of illegal activity, said „Focus“, referring to sources from the prosecution.
Julian Tzolov Bulgarian citizen was arrested in Spain, where evasion of justice under a false identity. Operation detention is the result of a few of the FBI investigation and DANS.
On July 17 AFP reported that Spanish police seized from the former Wall Street stockbroker Julian Tzolov, accused by U.S. authorities to defraud the customers of the value of 400 million dollars. Bulgarian arrested is a former employee of the „Credo Syuis“ (Credit Suisse). He was captured in the town of Marbella, Costa del Sol region in Southern Spain, where he tried to rent or to buy a luxury house.
Supreme Cassation Prosecutor’s Office monitors and manages the inspection work in Bulgaria. In confirmation of the data will start „procedure investigations and raising time against Julian Tzolov for“ money laundering „.

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