Developing countries have 24 percent of the value of the shares in the world

Market capitalization of companies markets of developing countries increased their share of the total capitalization of the exchange companies in the world with a record pace. This illustrates the growing interest in the developing world and a rapidly developing economy in terms of the global financial crisis.
In an analysis of Bloomberg, which covers 22 markets that are considered developing a classification of MSCI, says that the weight of companies in this part of the world is increasingly growing. 18 percent at the beginning of the year it jumped to the impressive 24 per cent at the end of the half, says the material. This is defined as a record increase of at least 2003 onwards.
Increasing the share of developing markets show increasing confidence in them. Since the beginning of the year most of them recorded significant increases in excess rastovete in most developed countries. This is evident from the presentation of the Stock Exchange index MSCI Emerging Markets, which is advanced by 35 per cent targets for this year. For comparison – MSCI World, which traces the developing countries, is to get only 2.9 percent.
It is said that over the past half the market capitalization of companies in China has jumped to more than 3 trln. dollars, which happens for the first time since August. Only at the beginning of the year, all public companies in the country have been assessed by investors of 1.8 trln. dollars.
In the second half of 2009 Investors are targeting a record 26.5 billion dollars to developing markets, such as 3.8 billion of them were invested in China, show evidence of EPFR Global, cited by Bloomberg.

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