Dissolve the U.S. government „golden parachute“ and over the new director of AIG

The U.S. government will officially approve the financial package of the new CEO of AIG Robert Benmoshe next week. Its value is 10,5 million dollars, police Reuters, citing the publication in Wall Street Journal.

Benmoshe in the appointment of the company explained that his annual salary will be $ 3 million in cash and 4 million in the form of shares. There are five-year bonus of 3,5 million.
Pay and the premiums already paid by strapped American companies, has become a very sensitive issue overseas. AIG was rescued from such bankruptcy, thanks to 80 billion dollars by the government. This is taxpayers’ money, and management of the company gave huge bonuses to staff, brought in nearly bankrupt insurance company, is the prevailing opinion among Americans.

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