Economists: the recession ends next month

Most economists now the U.S. economy does not need further incentives to expectations despite the closure of workplaces, reported Wall Street Journal.

Only eight out of 51 economists forecast included in the study of the issue are of the opinion that more incentives are needed, by offering additional costs of around 600 billion dollars. Economists forecast an average unemployment rate by the end of June 2010 at least 10 percent and decline to 9.5 percent by December of that year.

Allen Sinai of Decision Economics thinks that are not currently needed more incentives and said that action on backlog in monetary and fiscal policy should be allowed to work in the system.

Sinai says that the incentives should not be changed until 2010 When asked about the incentives that can help the economy, 53 percent of respondents say they are now seen some improvement, but the largest impact has yet to come .

This affects the administration of incentives on Obama. Some Democrats are still open for another round of incentives, but the White House said on Wednesday that the administration does not discuss a new package of measures.

One of the economists, asked for additional incentives, says the aid is justified by the government. He also added that the increased unemployment benefits and subsidies meditsinsksi insurance will do for a few months.

Most economists aeli position that waiting to see a second quarter median expected to last, during which GDP declined. They predict an increase in GDP by more than 2 percent in the first half of 2010 Meanwhile, the average estimates are for completion of the recession in the next month.

Some economists have other reasons to oppose the incentives. More than a third of the requested say a package of measures the government will have only a small effect on the economy and even 6 percent say that incentives will harm the economy.

Most economists support the principle of the administration of the plan for Obama overall financial regulation.

Presentation of the Administration continues to divide economists.


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