Evrodescent set tomorrow under SAPARD

Verifiers arrive tomorrow from European Directorate General for Agriculture of the European Commission and OLAF, said Agriculture Minister Miroslav Naidenov on BNR.

From the results of the investigation depend largely on the fate of the blocked funds under SAPARD. At the beginning of September will become clear what sanctions will suffer because of our unlawful actions of the previous management of the agricultural ministry and direct payments area, said more Naydenov. His only good move is to negotiate the penalties are less.
„Unfortunately, generally we are in a situation to wait for the verdict. These penalties can be from zero to 100 percent. I will try and do everything possible can be alleviated, „said Naydenov.
It announced that it will impose emergency measures and the intervention agency, since it appears that it is not even equipped with the necessary software.
According to him, however, poor quality crop this year will not affect the price and bread. Minister considers that the practice of political patronage on certain projects of European agricultural funds will be interrupted by the announcement of competition for leadership positions in the Agriculture Fund.
„First, you need to start from“ head „, ie from the State Agriculture Fund. As soon as possible will be announced competitions since prior to announce should be structured the fund board should be appointed, and vice. Ministers of other ministries’ threat to the Minister.


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