Former boss in SANS: The Agency has corruption

Officer of SANS, which has been incriminated in financial fraud and has worked for foreign intelligence, was restored to office after the return of color. Jovtchev in SANS.

This was announced Rashko Zayakov – former director of counterintelligence at the agency after the report to the President of the Parliamentary Commission for Combating Corruption Y. Yanev, BGNES.
„Right now people who were investigated for abuse in SANS is returning with a desire for revenge,“ said Zayakov, who left the agency after the appointment of the post Yovchev.
Currently in SANS, according to him and his Hadzholov Velin, which in turn was head of special shares, people continue to work, dependent on economic groups and foreign intelligence. Hadzholov also attended the meeting with the leader of the CSV.
„Do-nothing case. Corruption affects the work of SANS and it does not work full speed. Dependencies are purely financial and affected employees at management level in SANS, but to be cleaned they have the bodies to do the job“ Zayakov said and confirmed that his resignation was related to disagreements with the new head of SANS.
Yane Yanev said it had received reports of corruption in both SANS and officials will meet tomorrow with the director of the agency to clarify details. MP said he would report the signals and the prosecutor, stating that it did not take sides between the former and present employees of SANS. He will inform the case and will ask the prime minister and a closed session the Parliamentary Committee on Corruption both former agents to explain the details. According to Yanev must be settled and the issue of workplace employees of SANS, left the agency so that they can not be left on the street.
Earlier today Hadzholov told bTV, that trend is being formed in which the Home Office, and in particular CDCOC will focus very much functions.
„We will create a monopoly, which is likely to generate corruption. Thus, SANS will become a secondary service office in the Interior Ministry, which in his personal opinion is absolutely absurd,“ said Hadzholov Velin, who left the SANS after His name was lit.

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