From January 1, 2010 the mission of the sailors dropped

From 1 January next year following the entry into force of amendments to the budget of state social security will be lifted and mission of the sailors flying the Bulgarian flag. The Prime Minister of seafaring union Ivan Velkov.
Under amendments to the seafarers working for Bulgarian owner, become self-employed. They will be required to choose by application to the employer on what the company will be self-employed income, and she in turn will have to submit every month to ensure that the selected amount. The minimum threshold for self-employed in 2010 is 420 leva and the maximum – 2000. Will be given a grace period for those who are on 1 January of the voyage. They will move to the new way of insurance after they get to Bulgaria. In the so-called feature. seafarers will be no obligation on their part to complete an annual declaration of income equalization. For them, it is assumed that the monthly contributions correspond to the full amount to be made for the year. To introduce compulsory insurance and optional insurance, such as unemployment and maternity.
There is agreement with the „Navigation Maritime Bulgare“ amounts of insurance paid to date from the beginning of the year to be added to the salary of the sailors.
Mission is expected to drop by an internal act of the government, perhaps by changing the current ordinance before a business trip. From next year such will only accept business travel to and from the ship. The change will allow employers to form a salary of seamen in Bulgarian leva, which would include several basic and additional fees, including work on a ship for night work. There is still no complete clarity on exactly how the fee will be formed to work on a ship. However, it should fully offset the amount received so far as subsistence. By the end of December will be decided whether this amount will be evenly distributed as a supplement to the basic salary of seafarers throughout the year, or will be added to it during the months in which to sail.
Velkov said that the changes in practice after tax proceeds of seafaring will be almost the same. Positive results will be mainly in respect of the Bulgarian ship owners. By aligning the flags, ie, after elimination of their obligation to provide workers, they will gradually begin to reflagirat prefer not to ship. This will have particularly good consequences for owners who own small boats. It is also expected seamen themselves increasingly prefer to fly the Bulgarian flag.

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