GERB spend more in 2010 than any other government

Leading figures from the NMS in Kardjali united around the view that the EU Commissioner Meglena Kuneva is suitable both for president and the prime minister of Bulgaria, BGNES.

Former Social Minister Hristina Hristova noted, however, that it is too early to talk about nominations for the presidential election.
„I think Meglena Kuneva is not only a wealth of NMS, but also for the country – it was the Europeans of the Year, Commissioner of the year. And I think her political career as long as it wanted, may continue hereafter. It can be president, it might work in prestigious international organizations and NMS will always support her, „said Christ.
Candidate for the leadership post in „amber“ party Nikolay Vassilev Kuneva also identified as suitable for the first post in the state.
„Meglena Kuneva is a big positive for our country and we wish the next commissioner of the country to be successful in it as long as they succeed. Meglena Kuneva can be president and prime minister and leader of the NMS, if one day it wants „, said Vassilev.
Both were with Christ in Kardjali, to prepare for the upcoming local asset Party Congress loose from the government.
In response to a question you lose NMS from participation in the ruling coalition, in particular from its alliance with the MRF, Vassilev started cautiously with the caveat that „the place had a special area in policy terms. „We are very, very different from the DPS. Indeed, the similarities are only in the concept of „liberal values“ and we have matches in some of the policies. About the topic with ruling coalition has been completed, the book is read and closed, and we do not want to have a second edition, was explicit Vassilev. He explained that the natural partners of the NMS in the future are not parties of this coalition.
Hristina Hristova also admitted that NMS has lost many of the ruling coalition.
Vassilev revealed that personal support as an economist, some of the policies that GERB is trying to start – budget cuts and those in the public sector, as savings in time is necessary for Bulgaria. According to him, but „budget for 2010 GERB is left and socialist, not reform,“ such was the opinion of all economists in the NMS.
GERB spend more in 2010 as a percentage of GDP than any other government from Lukanov here. GERB for the first time sets a deficit for many years, they are left and they would measure more fitting of Mrs. Maslarova, not the party intends to make reforms.

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