Greek Strike Forces Cancellations in Bulgarian Train Schedule

The international passenger and cargo trains traveling between Bulgaria and Greece will be canceled starting Tuesday until midnight on December 16th, the Bulgarian Interior Ministry announces. Тhe change is caused by an effective a strike of the Greek railroad workers.
The train from Bucharest to Thessaloniki will travel only to Sofia.
Due to the strike, the two morning and the two afternoon international trains, traveling from Sofia to Thessaloniki, will be canceled.
Over the past few months the Sofia-Thessaloniki trains have seen their schedule changed numerous times because of strikes in debt-ridden Greece.
In 2010, these occurred on October 25-28, September 14, September 8-9, July 8, June 29, May 19, May 3, and March 10.
The railroad from Bulgaria’s capital Sofia to Kulata on the Greek border was also closed for traffic on December 4 as a result of a landslide caused by the torrential rains.

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