Hoteliers depressed prices in Pamporovo and Chepelare

Hotels in Pamporovo and Chepelare bring reduced prices by 20 per cent for the upcoming winter season, said representatives of hotel associations in the two ski resorts, quoted by BTA.

Cheaper services and accommodation is made for the crisis and decreased tourist flow. Winter offers of hotels in Pamporovo, Chepelare, Smolyan, Zlatograd and rural destinations in the region are presented in the ongoing Tourism Fair in Smolyan „Mountains of Bulgaria-hospitality in four seasons. The reduction of prices of accommodation in hotels in Chepelare is about 10 percent on average, explains Madankov Sabi, President of the Hospitality Association „Mechi Chal“. In his words, further reduce costs, which is not accounted for in the values of accommodation is adding new features to the current free offers.
Greater reduction in prices into account and package deals for 3,5 and 7 days. From 25 to 100 euro price range of accommodation in Chepelare during winter depending on the category of hotels and holiday period booked. 15 to 20 per cent decrease in prices in Pamporovo compared with bids last winter, said Panteley Memtsov, chairman of the Regional Tourist Association Rodopi. According to him, the flexible price policy in the resort is an attempt to attract tourists in a crisis. The entries of British tour operators for the winter season is weaker than expectations of hoteliers, but not portend a drastic decline in tourist flow, the association reported.
Entries from the resort expected to be active in the last minute before the start of the season. A similar trend for booking and reservations at the last moment noticed last year, as appears to be waiting for the usual price cuts before the season, explained by the resort. To compensate for the projected drop in UK tourists, the hotels are targeted to attract the Balkan market. It is expected that after the abolition of visas for Serbs and Macedonians from 1 January to increase the flow of tourists from western neighbor.

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