Housing prices may decrease by 5 to 10%

The trend in the second half of 2009 is the price or to maintain their levels during the first half of the year, or to undergo a slight decrease from 5 to 10% analyzed by Arco Real Estate.Sastoyanieto of the real estate market now implies the conclusion of bargain deals to buyers who have the funds available. This is so because the fall in mortgage lending against the state of world economy and regional plans in Eastern Europe. In Sofia quality housing prices hold above the average, while investors who always relies on the quality and performance works, consider not such a big drop in sales of properties. However, they retain their future investments, thus reduced the risk of losses to a minimum. About «bottom“ price is hard to speak because of supply and demand of properties in different regions of the country is different, comment by Arco Real Estate. These differences are determined by the location of the property, communication, the type of construction, quality of performance and last but not least, the scheme of payment. Accordingly, we can say that the quality properties will keep their prices to be favorable for sellers and buyers. Of course, there will be a number of investors pressed financially, which may be forced to sell at lower prices close to the cost of the property. This does not apply however to those set of quality properties as they nevazvrashtaemost risk of investment is significantly lower.

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