Lechkov: Continue to ask for the resignation of Nona Karadjova

The mayor of Sliven Yordan Lechkov will continue to seek the resignation of Minister of Environment and Water Nona Karadjova. Mayor reproached nezapoznatost Minister in the matters which led, forward BGNES correspondent in the city. No statistics how many resulted badness did MAs. There is complete lack of interest and compliance with the rules of European programs, said Jordan Lechkov. We must clear all the rules and they apply to everyone, he said. We are a community that goes forward and we have no time to wait for others. Continue to ask Nona Karadjova resignation because she is not aware, is the mayor of Sliven. Maximum of three municipalities are willing to acquire projects with either 10 or 20 percent, and it is because they have no finished projects, complete Lechkov. In his words, money is sent in a Bulgarian account, but declined to comment to in his words – „not bogged premiere. He was categorical that it will continue to exert pressure as it appears on the citizens of Sliven and the institution headed by him. According to Lechkov ekoministerstvoto stand „rather wolves in lambskin. Tomorrow at 14.00 hours continue negotiations with the European programs all management structures.

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