New business notification informs hazardous products in the EU

New business communication can inform about dangerous products marketed in the European Union, said the European Commission.

Manufacturers and distributors in the European Union will be allowed and have online connection to notify the national authorities in all EU countries for various non-food dangerous products onto the European market.
So far, in the detection of such products, national authorities were obliged to inform the system of rapid exchange of information on dangerous non-food goods (RAPEKS) operating in the European Union. Then the system should inform the parties and the product is withdrawn from market.
By business notified all parties in the European Union will be informed immediately and simultaneously. Thus, response time to wipe dangerous consumer product will be reduced and many more will quickly be taken action against unsafe products, which is of obvious interest to consumers.
The new initiative was disclosed today by the Commissioner for Consumer Protection Meglena Kuneva in speech before the Convention of European business leaders in Helsinki, informed the European Commission. „The purpose of business is to notice us more confident that you will quickly receive information on all open market dangerous products and action may be taken to withdraw them from the market much faster than before, has made it.

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