Old deals not eat new unemployed

Dirty shirts of Governors always enjoy strong public interest / known for centuries „Bread and circuses“ /, at least because they are made with the money of all taxpayers. Therefore, all newcomers to power with great pleasure to reveal large and small transgressions of the former, seem to be immune from the temptation to dip into their buckets and landing them in honey. Ministers and MPs from GERD are hard riding this wave and surf on it for a month and a half without breath. It is high time, however, not compromised preoksponirat topic of management of the ruling coalition because the real risk now with two very serious two things.

The first danger is the „revelations“ they cease to make an impression on the audience, if not lead to prosecutions and convictions (now the practice in Bulgaria is just one). The second is that rooting in the transactions of the previous government, new managers may be delayed by measures expected by society to mitigate the effects of economic crisis. And what they detected hot deals of the previous government Bulgarians left without work and without a business?
Even the biggest political partners of GERD Blue Coalition, and the biggest critic of the previous government has warned that too many managers are dancing with a dirty shirt bearing off process. DSB leader Ivan Kostov announced yesterday that revelations about breaches of the ruling coalition „began to slip on the surface, without affecting the substance of the issues and causes that have given rise to them.

UDF leader Martin Dimitrov has already been remarked that government measures to revitalize the economy of late. And that struggle with the crisis can not only leads to cost reduction and combating corruption. For example, he insists in his entry to parliament a bill to expedite the return of VAT. The companies expect and other measures to facilitate their business in a crisis that is expected to worsen in coming months.
Reminiscent of the Blue coalition is still no new government has presented its program management for the entire four-year term. And this must happen by the end of the month prior to start discussions with the Law on budget for next year. The new rulers have clarified and energy strategy. Must finally be made clear there will be constructed and how projects such as NPP Belene Burgas – Alexandroupolis, South Stream / especially already having heard the views of Putin /.
At the same time plans for the closure of all state agencies and a strong reduction of administration may be very risky step. Many people will remain unemployed and this will hit already in porazklateniya rating Borisov. In addition to his government scored another own goal, with no staff have needed reform for a number of sectors.

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